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Permanent Makeup

We are one of the few in the Rogue Valley that specialize in Permanent Makeup Tattooing. It is so wonderful to wake up with makeup!

No more worries about smudged or worn-off lipstick, beauty mark, eyeliner or eyebrows. Cosmetic tattooing replaces the worry and the time that it takes to put it all on, just to take it all off at the end of the day!

Wakeup with Makeup by Carla (Tattooing)

Beauty Mark $75.00
Eyebrows $395.00
Lipliner $395.00
Eyeliner $395.00
Lip Color filled & Lined $600.00

*Price includes a Touch Up Visit up to 6 Months Later.
**Filled lips include 2 touch ups

Touch Ups AFTER 6 AND UP TO 12 Months  $100.00
Touch Ups AFTER 12 Months. (EYE AND LINERS) $195.00
Full Lip Touchups AFTER 12 Months $200.00

*payment plan available

"Carla - I really like my eye liner and eyebrows. You made the experience very relaxing, at times it tickled and I actually napped while getting tattooed. Absolutely Amazing!!"

Permanent Makeup Procedure:

  • Topical Numbing
  • Drawing on Eyebrows/Lipliner/Eyeliner
  • Approve & Tattoo!

*Results vary upon skin type

At your free consultation we will go over a few things that includes but not limited to: